Terms & Conditions

To confirm a place on any training courses offered at AAXA you are required

to read and understand the terms and conditions below 

  • If you are funding the course through PAYL8R Loan then you are required to

have submitted your application prior to the start of your learning. Any

applications not submitted prior to the start of the course will require you to

pay a deposit of 10% of the total course fees to start the course. The deposit

will be refunded to you once your application is confirmed and approved. You

are liable for all costs if your application is un-successful.  The course fees are

published on AAXA website. 

  • Full payment must be made and received by AAXA two weeks prior to the

start date. Failure to make payment within this timeframe will leave you liable

to make payment in full against the published course fees.

  • If you are offered or elect to pay your course fees in instalments a deposit of 10% must be made 2 weeks prior to learning with the confirm dates for the

instalment plan. You must adhere to the payment plan as failure to do so will

mean that we are unable to issue you your course certificate(s) until payment

is made in full.

  • All fees paid are non-refundable.

  • All fees include VAT unless otherwise shown.

  • Fees fall due on the 1st day of each month unless the 1st falls on a weekend.

  • One full calendar month’s written notice to terminate this contract must be

given to AAXA before the start of the calendar month in which such notice is to take effect.

If notice is served during any calendar month, that notice will be

deemed to expire at the end of the next full calendar month.

  • All of the appropriate kit and uniform required for the course must be ordered

in advance to ensure it is in place for the start of the course.

  • Information entered on your enrolment form needs to be true and accurate:

You must print your name exactly as you wish it to appear on your certificate.

Mistakes cannot be rectified without applying for a new certificate at the fee as

published by the Awarding Organisation.

  • You must notify us of any change of address or any other personal


  • Skin tests are required 24-48 hours before any colour treatment can take


  • All relevant personal medical information must be disclosed to AAXA prior to

commencing the course particularly if you are using electronic equipment or

intend to act as a model for another student who intends to use electronic

equipment as part of their learning programme. Failure to do so will mean that

you are not covered by our insurance policy for safe working practices and

you may be liable for any and all associated costs as a result of an injury to

yourself or others or damage to the equipment.

  • All learners must be prepared to act as a model for other learners to practice

treatments on whilst studying.

  • It is the responsibility of the learner to arrange your own models for any

practical assessments during your programme.

  • Models will be required to pay a small contribution towards treatments for the

facilities and products used. Please see your course tutor for the scale of


  • To complete the course, you must attend all lessons and failure to do so will

mean that you will fail the course.

  • If you miss a module you must notify your tutor and agree a date to attend on

another day and time. AAXA cannot guarantee that this will be offered on your

agreed dates and times of learning. You must make yourself available at

alternative times to complete the module, this is essential to gain your


  • You must be punctual and attend at or before the start times published for you


  • You must present yourself professionally at all times and you must adhere to

the academy rules and guidelines for dress, personal appearance and

behaviour. AAXA operates a zero tolerance in respect of rules governing this

requirement.  Full details can be found in your student handbook.

  • The maximum duration of the programme is shown in your learning offer

letter. AAXA takes no responsibility to re-train the learner or provide refunds if

the course hasn’t been completed within this period.

  • Any additional support or training requested will result in additional fees being

payable. This will be charged at £50.00 per training day.  You will be notified

in writing should you require additional training.

  • Deadlines must be met for all case studies and assignments/tasks unless an

extension has been agreed with your tutor.

  • All students at AAXA agree to follow all academy procedures as published or

advised in your student handbook.

  • Employment standards must be met at all times. If they are not met

assessments will not be passed

  • Assessment days, practical or theoretical must be attended unless notified in

writing and agreed by your course tutor. Failure to do so will require additional

tuition and this will be charged as shown above at the rate of £50.00 per

training day.

  • It is essential that a portfolio of evidence is kept up to date throughout the

course and is ready to submit at the end of the course. You are required to

take responsibility for maintaining your portfolio.

  • Visits by the Awarding Organisation Internal and External Verifier will take

place during your course; all learners must attend these in order to gain the


General Conditions

  • All courses are subject to change of dates without prior notice. Once a deposit

has been paid or payment plan agreed then course fees will be honoured

although we reserve the right to change the date of the course. Should this

occur then we will give you 10 days’ notice.

  • We are not responsible for any loss or damage to your own equipment or

personal belongings should you choose to use them or bring them in to AAXA

  • We reserve the right to dismiss a candidate without refund if the student

contravenes the academy rules of conduct.

  • The Academy will be closed on all Public Holidays.

  • You must follow the academy dress code and you must wear the academy

uniform whilst in the academy. You will however be required to dress

appropriately for services on models at all times. No jeans or trainers will be

permitted. All learners must wear closed shoes, no flip flops or sandals will be


  • These conditions are the basis of contract between AAXA and the learner.

Only the Director is entitled to waive these conditions of contract.

  • In the event of the student failing to attend the course or complete for any

reason whatsoever, no refund will be offered nor does the student have an

entitlement to refund.

  • Where the student cannot complete the course for grounds agreed with the

Director [for medical or agreed personal circumstances] then an alternative

date will be agreed with the student.

Absolute AestheticsX Academy commits to learners to:

  • Follow the standards set by the awarding body.

  • Assess fairly and provide feedback to each learner.

  • Arrive punctual for lessons and end each lesson on time within reason.

  • Not to change or cancel a lesson unless notified to you 7 days in advance,

except for unexpected occurrences such as sudden staff illness or delay as a

result of any circumstance beyond the control of AAXA.

  • All students will be provided with full payment details and will understand the

exact costs before enrolling onto the course

  • The training centre will have sufficient equipment & products and provide a

safe working environment for learners to study.

  • Provide a complaints and appeal procedure.

  • Provide learner survey questionnaires for throughout the course for

anonymous feedback.

  • Appropriate and sufficient contact time with the tutor will be available to the

student whilst working towards their qualification.

  • AAXA will apply for learner certification as soon as all work, assessments and

written papers have been passed and internally verified – this will then be

mailed by Recorded Delivery to the learners address directly.

  • Confidentiality and data protection policies and procedures will be observed at

all times.